Mount Batur

Go on an early Mount Batur trek and watch the sunrise over a volcano!

Go on a life changing trek up an active volcano and watch the sunrise!

A trek up Mount Batur in Bali is for you if you’re craving a challenge and a connection with the raw beauty of nature. An adventure of a lifetime, this trek involves hiking up volcanic terrain, and the rewards? Stunning views!

Most tours culminate in a unique breakfast – a delicious meal cooked using the natural heat of the volcano itself! Additionally, the hot springs on Mount Batur will be a great bonus as you wind down from the trek.

Why go on a Mount Batur trek

Woman enjoying the sunrise from the top of mountain Batur, Bali
  • Witness a breathtaking sunrise: The panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and Lake Batur, bathed in the golden light of the rising sun, are sights you’ll not forget in a long time.
  • Challenge yourself: Hiking Mount Batur is a moderately challenging trek, but it's achievable for most people with a decent level of fitness. The hike is typically around 2 hours to the summit, and the trail is well-maintained.
  • Experience the volcanic landscape: Mount Batur is an active volcano, and you'll get to hike through volcanic terrain on your way to the summit. You'll see craters, lava flows, and volcanic ash! Steam can be seen rising off the ground on the caldera, the hollow depression of a volcano.
  • Enjoy a volcanic breakfast: Many Mount Batur treks include a breakfast cooked over volcanic steam vents, normally boiled eggs and a banana sandwich!

Planning your Mount Batur trek

The seasons on Mount Batur
Best time to visit Mount Batur
What to pack on your Mount Batur trek
A couple looking at the sunset from Mount Batur
  • Dry Season (April-September): The dry season offers clear skies and the best visibility for sunrise, so this is the ideal time to go on a Mount Batur trek. However, the trails can be dusty and loose underfoot, so tread cautiously!
  • Wet Season (October-March): The trails can be muddy and slippery during the wet season, making the hike more challenging. However, the lush vegetation is beautiful, and there are fewer crowds.
Man looking at Mount Batur on a sunrise trek

The summit sees nearly 200 tourists a day trying to catch the sunrise, particularly in July, August, and December. The weather is, of course, more viable for a trek during the dry season, but the wet season will treat you to some of the best views of the post-rain greenery!

January to April, while somewhat warm, is the low season and will be the best time for you if you prefer to make this trek with as little crowd as possible.

A woman applying suncreen
  • Sun protection like a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen. You’ll need them when the sun is up during your descent!
  • Get yourself some sturdy hiking boots.
  • Carry some insect repellent; mosquitoes will be a bother, particularly during the wet season.
  • While you can buy a water bottle on your way up or down, we recommend you carry one of your own.
  • It might get cold as you’re waiting for the sunrise, so pack a light windcheater. Or anything light that can protect you from the chill of the morning.

Things to know before you go on your trek

  • There are normally three trails you can choose from!
  • There will not be any toilets on your ascent, but there are facilities available at the starting point.
  • Part of the trail goes through a forest of eucalyptus and pine trees.
  • There’s a shop on the summit where you can buy yourself some food (snacks) and drinks.
  • Carry some cash so you can buy yourself some water or tip your guide.
  • The descent is easy, but it is mostly loose gravel so tread very carefully and get shoes that have good grip.

Mount Batur trekking trails and difficulty levels

Hikers on Mt. Batur

Toya Bungkah Starting Point 

Difficulty: Moderately difficult

Duration: 2 hours

This is the most popular starting point for Mount Batur treks. The hike involves a steep ascent for a few hours, so a decent level of fitness is recommended. The hike from Toya Bungkah is a bit shorter and easier than the other option, but it's also the most crowded. However, the trail is well-maintained and mostly consists of packed dirt paths.

A temple on Lake Batur

Pura Jati 

Difficulty: Challenging

Duration: 3 hours

This is a trek that’ll start from the Pura Jati temple. This one is less busy compared to the Toya Bungkah trail, and gives you more views of Lake Batur itself.

Group of people trekking Mount Batur during sunrise

Serongga Village

Difficulty: Challenging

Duration: 4 hours

There are a few other villages located on the slopes of Mount Batur where you can start your trek, such as Serongga Village. These treks tend to be a bit longer and steeper, with more rocky terrain to scale.

If you think this trek is too challenging for you but want to watch the sunrise over the mountains, then you can opt for jeep tours! Jeep tours come with catching the sunrise, and can include breakfast and a trip to the natural hot springs in the area.

Mount Batur treks vs Mount Batur jeep tours

Mount Batur Treks
Jeep Tours
Suited for active individuals, but not recommended for pregnant women and infants
Ideal for all age groups and for folks with limited mobility
Experience Level
Requires moderate fitness
No prior hiking experience required
The sunrise trek can last up to 3 hours
Typically 2 to 4 hours
Scenic Views
Stop for views along the hiking trail of your choice and sunrise summit
Stop to catch the best views from designated viewpoints
Guided Experience
You can solo it but trekking guides are recommended.
Led by experienced guides in jeeps
More flexibility in pacing and exploration of the terrain.
Come with pre-fixed itineraries with designated stops
Depends on whether you’re booking a guided trek or going solo!
Comes with round-trip transfers

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What else can you do when on your Mount Batur trek?

FAQs: Mount Batur Trek

How long does it take to hike Mount Batur?

Depending on the trail you pick and your fitness levels, it can take anywhere between 2 to 4 hours to get to the summit of Mount Batur.

How difficult is Mount Batur Trek?

Mount Batur trek is considered moderately difficult to do. The trail starting from the Toya Bungkah Starting Point is relatively the easiest, but if you love a challenge, start your trek from the Serongga Village.

Is Mount Batur safe to hike?

Mount Batur is generally safe to hike, but it's important to check for volcanic activity, be prepared for challenging trail conditions, and consider going with a guided tour for added safety.

Can you climb Mt Batur without a guide?

While it's possible to hike without a guide, it's highly recommended to go with a guide for safety, navigation, and insights about the volcano.

What is the best time to hike Mount Batur?

The best time to hike Mount Batur is usually early morning for sunrise or late afternoon for sunset to avoid the midday heat.

What should I wear and bring for the hike?

Wear comfortable hiking clothes, sturdy footwear, and bring plenty of water, snacks, sunscreen, a hat, a flashlight (if hiking before sunrise), and a camera.

Are there age or fitness requirements for hiking Mount Batur?

Hiking Mount Batur requires a moderate level of fitness, and children or elderly individuals should assess their capabilities before attempting the hike.

Are there restroom facilities along the trail?

Restroom facilities are limited along the trail, so it's advisable to use the restroom before starting the hike.

Can I hike Mount Batur during the rainy season?

It's possible to hike during the rainy season, but be prepared for muddy and slippery conditions, and check weather forecasts beforehand.

Are there any restrictions or permits required for hiking Mount Batur?

There may be entry fees or permits required to access certain areas of Mount Batur, especially if you're entering as part of a guided tour.

Is it safe to hike Mount Batur alone?

It's generally safer to hike with a group or guide, but if you’re an experienced hiker, you can hike alone after assessing the conditions and risks.